Should I add the Rails 4 bin/ directory to git?

After I upgraded to Rails 4, the bin/ directory appeared. Do I need to commit this to git, or should I leave it for bundler to regenerate on the server?

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    According to this article you should add it.

    This will generate a bin directory in the root of your application. Make sure that it is not in your .gitignore file, and check this directory and its contents into git.

    Here is the message from Rails w.r.t bin/ directory:

    In Rails 4, your app’s bin/ directory contains executables that are
    versioned like any other source code, rather than stubs that are
    generated on demand. Here’s how to upgrade:

    bundle config --delete bin    # Turn off Bundler's stub generator
    rake rails:update:bin         # Use the new Rails 4 executables
    git add bin                   # Add bin/ to source control

    You may need to remove bin/ from your .gitignore as well.

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