Should CodeLite workspaces be shared?

I’m working on a project where serveral people is working on the same code via Git.

I’m just wondering if everyone working on this project should share the same workspace (via the ./foo.workspace file), or just share the project (via the ./foo/foo.project file).

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  • Thanks.

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    You can definitely share a codelite workspace (and you are encouraged to do so).

    Nothing in the workspace is kept in absolute paths by design (all file paths, project paths, build order etc are kept in relative paths)

    Since codelite is a cross platform IDE, keeping the workspace movable – not only between different developers, but also between different OSs – has a big part of the current workspace/project design.

    Also note that the although most of the important information is kept on the project level, the workspace is the one that keeps the following:

    • The build matrix (which you can configure from the build->configuration manager menu), see this for more information: Configuration Manager
    • The active project

    Here is a list of files/directories that you should avoid adding to your git repo:

    • Anything under your WORKSPACE_PATH/.codelite directory – this folder is intended to be used per-user
    • Any generated Makefile (either Makefile or .mk)
    • Any generated .txt files (these are used during the link stage, and will typically be named .txt


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