sh script doesn't add ssh key to ssh-agent (windows git bash)

I am using Github for Windows on Windows 7. I have a bash script to add the ssh-key to my ssh-agent. I have setup a ssh remote repo.

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  • #!/bin/bash    
    cd ../ssh/
    eval $(ssh-agent)
    ssh-add id.rsa
    cd ../htdocs/

    Execute command-


    It returns

    Agent pid 5548
    Identity added: id.rsa (id.rsa)

    When I git push origin master, it fails.
    But when I manually cd in the ssh directory, and run the same ssh-related commands and cd back to my directory htdocs and git push to origin master, it works.

    Why is this happening?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “sh script doesn't add ssh key to ssh-agent (windows git bash)”

    Your problem is that your script is running in its own shell session because you are running ./

    This means that the variables set by eval $(ssh-agent) are not living beyond that shell session so the parent session doesn’t have them and cannot use the agent (also you might be spawning a new agent each time you run the script).

    The fix for this is to run that “script” in the current session by dot-sourcing the script instead of running it as an external script.

    That is you want to use .

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