Setup remote GIT repository via SSH? (No code access to the remote location)

I have a remote location I want to use as GIT repository. I have SSH access to that location and can copy files there. I can’t install or run the GIT executables on the remote location. Can I (and how) use it as the GIT repository for my team?

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    That is impossible to implement. A Git repository requires a server-side Git suite.

    On the other hand, if it’s possible to provide an NFS or CIFS share, you could keep a Git repository on such a share — it would be acted upon by your local Git instance. Not that I like this approach though…

    I have a similar problem. I found a palliative solution:

    • Use SSHFS and Fuse to mount the remote location through ssh as a network drive;
    • The people having direct read/write access (me) clone the git repository with its local path;
    • Other people clone the repo with an http access.

    It’s not very efficient but it works.

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