Seeking a naming convention for multiple Git repos under a single Team Project

I’m an experienced developer, working solo and using VS 2015 together with on-premises TFS 2015. I’m just getting started with TFS, Git and Scrum, however, and so I have a lot to learn yet.

After some discussion with my project manager I’ve decided to organize everything I do (including even home-related non-software projects) under a single TFS Team Project (as discussed here and here).

I’m now trying to settle upon the best naming convention for my code repositories, as well as an appropriate storage folder hierarchy.

Initially I’m considering adopting a standard such as this, with a left-to-right narrowing scope:


Source code storage would follow accordingly (e.g. D:\Dev\Git\Work\Customers\JoesPizza\PosApp).

I have two questions:

  1. Does this seem like a sound approach, at least to get things started?
  2. Assuming I do go with this, is the TFS/VS/Git combination flexible enough to allow for a later restructuring, should it eventually prove to be troublesome?

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    If each of your folders is it own repo, that repo root folder can be renamed / moved any way you want, it won’t change anything for its content: the git repo will remain unchanged.
    (note: you can create multiple git repo for one TFS project, also detailed here)

    If, by “restructuring”, you mean split a git repo in two, then that is harder, and would involve splitting a repo in two, and import them in Visual Studio separately.

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