See what would be merged in one git command?

Currently, before merging a branch, I use the following commands to see what changes will be merged:

base=$(git merge-base other HEAD)
git diff $base other

Is there a single git command to achieve this?

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “See what would be merged in one git command?”

    git diff ...other

    Note: the question “How can I preview a merge in git?” does mention the context of seeing what would be merged when fetching:

        # fetch and show what would be merged (use option "-p" to see patch)
        incoming = "!git remote update -p; git log ..@{u}"


    • git incoming” to show a lot of changes, or
    • git incoming -p” to show the patch (i.e., the “diff”),
    • git incoming --pretty=oneline“, for a terse summary, etc

    You can find more elaborate scripts in this:

    • GitHub example:
    • gitpastiche
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