See “real” commit date in github (hour/day)

Is there a way to see the date of a commit in github, with day/hour precision? Older commits appear in a “human readable” format, such as “2 years ago” instead of showing the actual date.

old github commit

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    Hover over the 2 years ago and you’ll get the timestamp.

    The real date does not appear for me upon hovering “2 years ago”, despite the text being wrapped by a <time> element with an iso value under its datetime attribute.

    If all else fails, like it did for me, try inspecting the text.

    Sample element:

    <time datetime="2015-01-22T20:48:13Z" is="relative-time" title="Jan 22, 2015, 2:48 PM CST">7 days ago</time>

    you can just use this js bookmark:

    javascript:(function() { 
            var relativeTimeElements = window.document.querySelectorAll("relative time");
            timeElement.innerHTML = timeElement.innerHTML +" -- "+ timeElement.title;

    It adds just the correct time:
    Like this:
    committed 21 hours ago — 15. Feb. 2017, 15:49 MEZ

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