Same Django project different GIT repositories

Which is the best way to have two different repositories on the same Django project?

I started developing a project months ago and I have the whole folder in the repository. I want to reuse some apps in the project and I would like to create a different repository for them since they will be spin-offs project. But I want to keep it updated.

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    You can each app wrap as a python package, which has its own GIT repo. and save all your packages in some private (or public?) python packages repository (like Gemfury).

    Than, in your projects, just use the app as you install django itself.. pip install myapp

    This way the apps a reuseable and decoupled from any prjoect.

    (This works very well for myself.. perhaps there is a better way)

    You can use submodule,

    $git submodule add git:// project2
    $cat .gitmodules

    .gitmodules output:

    [submodule "project2"]
      path = project2
      url = git://

    If you want to Clone some git project like submodule,

    git clone git://
    cd project2
    git submodule init
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