Running Laravel from a git repo

I can install Laravel and get it up and running just fine using the installation process, but what I don’t understand is how I’m suppose to be able to push that same source code and be able to run it from a repo, like github. When I do this, cloning it in doesn’t allow me to be able to run php artisan anything.

Moreover, when I have a working directory, pushing that up to a repo, cloneing it back down, still doesn’t work. I’m unable to run artisan. The only way I can do this is through composer from the install instructions, which would create a new project.

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    Its because the vendor directory is not included when you clone.

    To solve it run composer install where you cloned it, and then artisan should work.

    If you had checked .gitignore file, you might have already got this.

    Because we don’t commit dependency into git repository. We have to manually install it via composer install for a fresh copy of a project in any machine. Once you have local copy, you only require to update it or install when any update into composer.lock file.

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