Running a Git build inside a ClearCase View in tcsh

I have a project stored in git that must be built outside of clearcase and then executed inside of a Clearcase view. All of the builds and execution must be done inside of tcsh due to restrictions on external scripts.

The Clearcase view requires tcsh to successfully execute the commands.

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  • To automate this process, I would like to use jenkins.

    How is this possible?

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    I figured this out and wanted to record it somewhere.

    To execute a different shell inside of the Execute shell build step in jenkins, I use the following script:

    #!/usr/bin/tcsh -xF
    source env.csh
    echo DONE

    NOTE: a newline is required at the end of each script to make sure that the last command is executed. I usually just echo DONE to make sure that every step is executed.

    To run commands inside of the Clearcase view in `tcsh“, I use the following script:

    #!/usr/bin/tcsh -xF
    setenv SHELL /bin/tcsh
    cleartool setview -login -exec "command 1; command 2; command 3" view_tag
    echo DONE

    Hope this helps!

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