Run batch command in jenkins

I’m running jenkins on windows 7 as a service.

I’d like to run a very simple job which will start my firefox. (for example)

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  • I configured a free style project and set up the “Execute windows batch command” option.

    Here i have tried to insert couple of command which they all failed.

    Commands like “echo hello” or other native command working as expected.

    But command like “explorer ” – should open the mentioned directory, or “c:\firefox.lnk” (should open firefox) are not working.
    The jenkins seems to be running but after while the job fails with an error.

    How can i run these actions?


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  • One Solution collect form web for “Run batch command in jenkins”

    This might be a path issue, check if the System user has ‘explorer’ in its path. (see

    Additionally: Windows 7 does not allow service processes to create a UI. See this other stackoverflow question: Service starting a process wont show GUI C#

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