RestKit with Xcode4 but not as a GitHub submodule

I was following the readme to
get started using RestKit. Everything works just fine when adding RestKit as a GitHub submodule.

Is there a way I can add RestKit to an already existing Xcode 4 project but not as a GitHub submodule?

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  • The project I want to add RestKit to is not set up with GitHub repository and will actually go into a subversion repository instead.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I just downloaded it, placed it in the root of myproject, unzipped it and renamed it to RestKit.

    At the end of the day a git submodule is merely a folder on your hard drive. However, from git’s “viewpoint” it is recognized as a reference to another repository (at a specific commit) rather than a folder of files.

    So if you are using git only (which you are not in this case) then it is a simple yet quite powerful mechanism of nesting projects or including libraries.

    To answer your question, I guess you could do it all from the command line, which might be quicker than downloading and unzipping the source code (depending on your preference of course):

    cd /path/to/your/project
    git submodule add git:// RestKit
    cd RestKit
    # Checkout the current stable branch
    git checkout 0.9-stable
    # Remove the git repository
    rm -fr .git/

    From here you can configure your project according to the installation guide

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