Reset commit in SourceTree

I have 2 branches master and bugfix. my current branch is bugfix, where I have committed my changes (not pushed), now I need to reset this commit.

If I do reset my commit, will it affect other commits in master branch?

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  • Actually I want to remove this commit.

    git reset --soft 734e3a0

    I am using SourceTree.

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    You need to run this command in source tree terminal git reset --soft HEAD~1 this command push back your commit in your sourtree. then you take latest pull and then you can commit your code.

    Simply go to Log/History in source tree,
    select the previous commit of the commit which we you want to undo and right click and do ‘Reset current branch to this commit
    This will discard your committed changes(which were not pushed).

    It won’t impact anything in master branch

    First of all you have to ask yourself what you want to do.

    What is reset is for?

    I assume you want to undo your changes. Do do so you have several options, which you can read about in details in here:

    How to move HEAD back to a previous location? (Detached head)

    It will explain in details what to do in each option.

    What needs to be done?

    You have to set up your HEAD to point to a new (or old) commit.
    The above post will show you and will teach you what to do and will show you few options.

    I don’t think doing a git reset --soft will affect any commits. It will only affect your branch.

    If you want to revert commit 734e3a0 then you can try using git revert:

    git revert 734e3a0

    This will instruct Git to add a new commit which undoes whatever 734e3a0 was doing originally. Note that this is a good option in the event that this commit is in the middle of a branch, and it is also a good option for a branch whose history has already been made public.

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