Reproducing Git merge conflict: DD

I’m working on a test script and trying to reproduce git merge conflict DD when shown via “git status –short”. I’ve seen this conflict type in the past.

  • DD (unmerged, both deleted)

I keep coming up with no conflict with everything I try.

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    I saw this: Git: how to create different unmerged states?
    But the steps listed there no longer produce any conflicts in later versions of Git.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Reproducing Git merge conflict: DD”

    Found a link to It’s kind of hard to read, but it contains test code for all git conflict types.

    To produce DD:

    git init
    echo test > main.txt
    git checkout -b conflict && git add main.txt && git commit -m main.txt && 
    git branch conflict_second && git mv main.txt sub_master.txt
    git commit -m "main.txt renamed in sub_master.txt" && git checkout conflict_second
    git mv main.txt sub_second.txt
    git commit -m "main.txt renamed in sub_second.txt"
    git reset --hard conflict_second
    git merge conflict

    Results in:

    =->git status
    On branch conflict_second
    You have unmerged paths.
      (fix conflicts and run "git commit")
    Unmerged paths:
      (use "git add/rm <file>..." as appropriate to mark resolution)
            both deleted:    main.txt
            added by them:   sub_master.txt
            added by us:     sub_second.txt


    =->git status -s
    DD main.txt
    UA sub_master.txt
    AU sub_second.txt
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