repo: command not found?

I am new to git and repo. I am in window 7 so I use cygwin. I have installed git from cygwin setup. After that I try to repo with the following command in cygwin.

$ repo init-u git://

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  • error like these> bash : repo: command not found

    I think I need to make setup in cygwin for repo. What do I need next to get repo.
    Thanks in advance,
    hope for help!

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    You still need to install repo. repo is a third party tool built on top of git. See:
    for how to install

    add line
    export PATH=~/bin:$PATH in file ~/.bashrc

    edit .bash_profile and uncomment these fields. (any text editor will do)

    # Set PATH so it includes user's private bin if it exists
    # if [ -d "${HOME}/bin" ] ; then
    #   PATH="${HOME}/bin:${PATH}"
    # fi

    Restart CYGWIN.

    I have the same problem and I have to do:
    $ PATH=~/bin:$PATH every time I repo sync but at least it works.

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