Rename the git-subtree squashed commit

I’m trying to add a subtree to my project. And it works just as it should. But the remote I am pushing to has a pre-receive hook that validates if a commit has a JIRA number in front of it. This is unfortunate because when subtree squashes the history, it removes the previous messages and leaves a generic “Squashed ‘prefix’ content from…” message.

Alas, though I’d like to simply remove this asinine hook, I have to somehow work around it. Here’s what my tree looks like:

*   90285a0edac Merge commit '4c2e69861591fada9f5c752857ec871f84adf145' as 'prefix'
| * 4c2e6986159 Squashed 'prefix/' content from commit 4ffbd12 
* 34f9e457b68 JIRA-1234: Add some feature

The subtree works as expected, but I need to rename commit 4c2e6986… to include a JIRA number in front of it to circumvent a hook on the remote.

I am able to easily rename the Merge commit using rebase -i -p, but I’m unsure how to rename the Squash commit.

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