Rename a merged commit without losing that commit's parents

TL;DR: Is it possible to rename a commit from a merged (no fast forward merge) branch – without destroying history?

I want to rename a commit. Something like rebase --interactive HEAD~5. But I want to keep the HEADs in their current position. Rebase will flatten the log.

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  • I’m using feature branches

    *   c3cb3ad - Merge branch 'featureX' into develop (15 minutes ago) <FOO>
    | * d945c71 - Did stuff (17 minutes ago) <FOO>
    | * d4356f4 - inline commits are aweosm <FOO> (27 minutes ago) <LSC>
    *   6ef9569 - bla bla bla

    This is how I git:

    ~/dev/foo/ (develop)$ git checkout -b featureX
    ~/dev/foo/ (featureX)$ git add foo.html
    ~/dev/foo/ (featureX)$ git commit -m "inline commits are aweosm"
    ~/dev/foo/ (featureX)$ git checkout develop
    ~/dev/foo/ (develop)$ git merge --no-ff featureX
    ~/dev/foo/ (develop)$ git branch -D featureX
    ~/dev/foo/ (develop)$ git add bar.html
    ~/dev/foo/ (develop)$ git commit -m "Lorem Ipsum"

    … oh crap. There’s a typo in my commit message!

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Rename a merged commit without losing that commit's parents”

    Use git rebase with --preserve-merges

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