removing local git repositary from Xcode Project?

I had selected local git repositary when I created xcode Project.
But when import to SVN and commit, it commits locally not in SVN.
How can I resolve this problem? I want to remove all hidden local git files from the Xcode project without affecting source code? any help please?

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    You can find the solution in this question:
    How to fully delete a git repository created with init?

    You really should try google first before asking on SO.

    Open Terminal and Type

    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
    killall Finder

    open the project in finder
    delete the .git

    Good to go. Enjoy

    The local git repository is stored in a folder named .git inside your project folder. It’s hidden (any file/folder starting with a . is) but you can delete or move it using the Terminal. Once it’s gone, your folder will no longer be recognized as having a git repository.

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