Remove file from the repository but keep it locally

I have a folder which I’d like to remove in my remote repository. I’d like to delete it, but keep the folder in my computer

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  • 2 Solutions collect form web for “Remove file from the repository but keep it locally”

    git rm --cached -r somedir

    Will stage the deletion of the directory, but doesn’t touch anything on disk. This works also for a file, like:

    git rm --cached -r somefile.ext

    Afterwards you may want to add somedir/ or somefile.ext to your .gitignore file so that git doesn’t try to add it back.

    I would just:

    • Move the folder out of your working tree
    • git rm the folder, commit the change
    • Add to .gitignore (or .git/info/excludes), commit the change
    • Move the folder back
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