Remove file from SVN repository without deleting local copy

How can I “delete” a file which is already in the SVN repository without deleting it from my file system?

TortoiseSVN or command line instructions are welcome.

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  • The following works, but I am hoping for something nicer:

    1. Copy the file to some other location outside the repository.
    2. SVN Delete the file.
    3. Commit
    4. Copy the files back and make sure to ignore them on future commits.

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  • 5 Solutions collect form web for “Remove file from SVN repository without deleting local copy”

    svn delete --keep-local the_file

    Deleting files and folders

    If you want to delete an item from the repository, but keep it locally as an unversioned file/folder, use Extended Context Menu → Delete (keep local). You have to hold the Shift key while right clicking on the item in the explorer list pane (right pane) in order to see this in the extended context menu.

    Delete completely:
    right mouse click → Menu → Delete

    Delete & Keep local:
    Shift + right mouse click → Menu → Delete

    In TortoiseSVN, you can also Shift + right-click to get a menu that includes “Delete (keep local)”.

    Rename your file, commit the changes including the “deleted” file, and don’t include the new (renamed) file.

    Rename your file back.

    When you want to remove one file from SVN:

    1. Go to workspace path where the file is located.
    2. Delete that file from the folder (
    3. Right click and commit, then a window will open.
    4. Select the file you deleted ( from the folder, and again right click and delete.. it will remove the file from SVN.
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