remote error : repository not found in git

I’m trying to clone a local copy of Hacker’s Keyboard, througth Git, I have tried the command :

$ git clone

but getting fatal: remote error : repository not found in git, and not being to clone of that repository, how can I clone

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    Hacker’s Keyboard project is using Mercurial as source control management tool, not Git.

    You will need to find the link to the repository stored in a .git, or on Github if you are able to find one. If they do not have a repository that is open to the public (that you can get an exact location on the .git), the you probably won’t be able to simply clone the repository.

    1. Pure Git can’t operate with Mercurial repositories
    2. You can use Bridge support in git for mercurial, part of Git 1.9 now
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