Referring to the same submodule twice

I have two code libraries A and B and have started developing an application M.
All three of these are stored in their own repository.

My problem is that I have a dependency such that A uses submodule B, but M uses both submodules A and B.

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  • As far as I can tell I’ll have two copies of the same submodule B for the same main project. But it would never make sense (in this setup) for them to be different, as they represent the same library in the same application.

    Is there a way to work around this, so that when I work on M I have only one copy of A and B?

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       |-- A
       |   |-- B
       |-- B

    Just remove M/B submodule from M, and keep/use M/A/B.

    The reasons:

    1. For A submodule(a independent repository), it must needs B for something.
    2. For M repository, you can teach it to use M/A/B.

    As i understand in your app M hierarсhy is something like this:

    M /
      |- A /
           |- B

    So to add submodule B to A you should do (in folder A)

    git submodule add

    For the app M you should do the same but with path to existing B (in folder M)

    git submodule add A/B
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