Redirecting git/github project to fork?

If the official ‘main’ repo of a git project, either in general or in GitHub, has been moved to a new location or to one of its forks, is there a convention, that can be used indicate the new ‘main’ repo?

I had been thinking of adding a file ‘MOVED’, with the new URL as text, but if there is already a convention, then I would rather use that. Optionally, does npm recognize any conventions for this?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Redirecting git/github project to fork?”

    There’s no real “hard” convention that I know of. On GitHub, most people seem to:

    • transfer the repo to its new owner
    • ensure that your copy appears as a fork of the “new” repository (possibly by removing it and then forking it from its new location)
    • put a message in the README and in the repo description about its new location.

    This is for example what happened with OfflineIMAP: old location, new location.

    However I doubt that npm recognizes this. You’ll probably have to update the repository URL there.

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