Red arrow icon in subclipse

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eclipse with aptana studio 3 plugin, plugin development tools and subclipse

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  • and i have 2 projects under version control. i managed to copy the files from one project to the second since i don’t know how to merge two projects yet. when i tried to copy the js folder from one project to the other, this happens:

    enter image description here

    notice the red arrow. now, i thought it was nothing. i committed the project and left for work. when i went to the office and updated my copy of the project, i found out that the js folder was not there. when i checked the repository, the js folder was not there at all. i was sure it was there when i left home.

    found this link which is a thread that gives an heads-up on subversion icons but this red outward pointing icon isnt there in the list.

    what do they mean?

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    Using Eclipse Mars.1 Release (4.5.1) and SVN 1.8.10. My icons reverted back to normal after running Team > Cleanup.

    I see there is already a solution in the comments above, just thought id share my solution which seemed easier , simply

    1. Right click on project > Team > Disconnect (from repository)

    2. Right click on project > Team > Re-connect (to repository)

    3. Problem solved!

    NOTE: After re-connecting had to commit all changes in project, seemed scary at first but simply updated version number. (I am always a little nervous when synchronizing with the repo)

    NOTE: Using subversion SVN plugin in eclipse

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