Rails “script/plugin” install http://github.com…git hangs on 'git pull'

Whenever I run the rails script/plugin install to install a plugin using git, from github it “hangs”.

$ script/plugin -v install http://github.com/ryanstout/blog_kit.git

It “hangs”. the -v gives me the following output:

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  • Plugins will be installed using http
    git init
    Initialized empty Git repository in /home/XXX/vendor/plugins/blog_kit/.git/
    git pull --depth 1 http://github.com/ryanstout/blog_kit.git

    and that is where it hangs. (‘XXX’ is edited by me in this outout)

    When I break off that command, with ^C, and run ‘git pull –depth 1 … by hand, it hangs too.

    1. I can clone that repository just fine: network seems not the problem.
    2. git is in my path.
    3. when running rails -g foo, I get a lot of errors about the directory not being under git. Probably related.
    4. ‘lsof -i | grep github’ shows the following:

      git-remot 11710 ber 8u IPv4 182786 0t0 TCP yasmine.fritz.box:42324->github.com:www (CLOSE_WAIT)
      git-remot 11710 ber 9u IPv4 182798 0t0 TCP yasmine.fritz.box:42325->github.com:www (CLOSE_WAIT)
      git 11712 ber 8u IPv4 182786 0t0 TCP yasmine.fritz.box:42324->github.com:www (CLOSE_WAIT)

      so it appears there actually is a connection, but nothing gets pulled in.

    Any ideas what I can do to dive deeper into this issue? Did I miss some README?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Rails “script/plugin” install http://github.com…git hangs on 'git pull'”

    Thanks to ewall, I found the answer.

    Instead of:

    script/plugin -v install http://github.com/ryanstout/blog_kit.git


    script/plugin -v install git://github.com/ryanstout/blog_kit.git

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