RA layer request failed? what git-svn did to the repo?

not the same as this RA layer request failed while gitsvn fetch, no network issues

a bit similar with this "RA layer request failed: REPORT request failed" during git-svn, but i am not using git-svn in cygwin

the error message is as follows:

RA layer request failed: Server sent unexpected return value (403 Forbidden) in response to REPORT request for '/repos/asf/!svn/vcc/default' at /usr/libexec/git-core/git-svn line 5669

it’s 403 error:(

what happened?

There is no directory named !svn in fact (by clicking http://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/!svn you may know this directory does not exists, so how did git-svn generate such a absurd directory name),

so why git-svn want to find this directory?

The behavior of git-svn is confusing:( what it want to do to svn repo?

and why there is 403 error?

how to avoid this?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “RA layer request failed? what git-svn did to the repo?”

    As I know, apache.org just bans people using git-svn for their large repository (usually in the middle of such clone). “!svn” is from DAV protocol implementation on that server. To avoid you can try to find any mirror for that location. If there’s not any mirror, you can try to clone not the whole history but starting from some revision in order not fetch too many revisions (-r option).

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