Python way to clone a git repository

Is there a Python way without using a subprocess to clone a git repository? I’m up for using any sort of modules you recommend.

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    There is . Haven’t heard of it before and internally, it relies on having the git executables somewhere; additionally, they might have plenty of bugs. But it could be worth a try.

    How to clone:

    import git

    (It’s not nice and I don’t know if it is the supported way to do it, but it worked.)

    Using GitPython will give you a good python interface to Git.

    For example, after installing it (pip install gitpython), for cloning a new repository you can use clone_from function:

    from git import Repo
    Repo.clone_from(git_url, repo_dir)

    Note: GitPython requires git being installed on the system, and accessible via system’s PATH.

    Github’s libgit2 binding, pygit2 provides a one-liner cloning a remote directory:

    clone_repository(url, path, 
        bare=False, repository=None, remote=None, checkout_branch=None, callbacks=None)

    With Dulwich tip you should be able to do:

    from dulwich.repo import Repo

    This is still very basic – it copies across the objects and the refs, but it doesn’t yet create the contents of the working tree if you create a non-bare repository.

    My solution is very simple and straight forward. It doesn’t even need the manual entry of paraphrase/password.

    Here is my complete code:

    import os
    import sys
    path        =   "/path/to/store/your/cloned/project" 
    clone       =   "git clone gitolite@" 
    os.system("sshpass -p your_password ssh user_name@your_localhost")
    os.chdir(path) # Specifying the path where the cloned project has to be copied
    os.system(clone) # Cloning
    print "\n CLONED SUCCESSFULLY.! \n"
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