Pushing to heroku gives PuTTY Fatal Error

I am trying to push my local git repository to heroku using the following command (this is on a Windows 7 machine):

git push heroku master

However this brings up a popup showing the following error:

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  • PuTTY Fatal Error
    No supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey)

    I am wondering how PuTTY even comes into play here. Yes, I do have PuTTY installed on the machine, but the git command above should be simply reading my key from ~/.ssh directory where it is stored.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Pushing to heroku gives PuTTY Fatal Error”

    is it possible you have the environment variable GIT_SSH set?

    n.b.: if you have installed TortoiseGIT, you can answer that question with “yes”.

    So, if you have GIT_SSH set, you can fix your issue in several ways:

    • add your key to plink / pageant
    • set GIT_SSH to use your preffered (Open)SSH

    For a lengthy explanation, read http://guides.beanstalkapp.com/version-control/git-on-windows.html

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