Push to multiple remote repositories from a single local repo in Mercurial

I was considering using AppHarbor to host a lightweight website and was investigating their Mercurial integration.

Currently I use Kiln for my remote repositories, but currently AppHarbor only supports BitBucket integration.

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    I don’t ever want to pull from BitBucket, only push so that it can then be grabbed by AppHarbor and deployed.

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    You can set multiple remote repository aliases in the [paths] section of the repository configuration file. This file is in .hg/hgrc, and you would add paths like this

    default = http://kilnhg.com/repo
    bitbucket = http://bitbucket.org/repo

    Then you would run hg push bitbucket to push to bitbucket and hg push to push to kiln, which is also the default here. The alias default is the one that’s used when you don’t specify anything else. This way push and pull with no arguments would use your preferred remote host, kiln.

    Sadly you can’t do a hg push * type command to push to all remote hosts at once, you have to specify each push destination one by one.

    I’m not sure if you can edit the hgrc file on Bitbucket/Kiln. If you can, you may be able to make this automatic. If not, you could push to another local copy, which then pushes to both Bitbucket and Kiln using Hooks. See this answer by Ton (included below for convenience):

    In your central server you create an
    changegroup hook.

    So your central server would have the
    following hgrc:

    changegroup.server2 = hg push -f server2
    changegroup.server3 = hg push -f server3

    You can have multiple hooks for the
    same event, so that shouldn’t be an
    issue. The advantage of the
    changegroup hook over the changeset
    hook is that it is run far less often.

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