Push git sumbodule to own remote repo

I’m new to git, so I need your help.

I have project, and I’m added some third-party libraries to it from GitHub using git submodule add. I have modified some libraries depending on my needs. So how can I push that libraries with all the changes to my remote repo? Or what can I do to have all that libraries in my remote repo? thanks.

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    You should create your own fork of the library (and maybe send a pull request), then change the submodule to reference the fork.

    Submodules are nothing more nor less than nested repositories; all the submodule command does is help schlep them around. There’s nothing special about a submodule repository, a submodule is just an ordinary repo whose contents are interesting to a project contained in some specific other repo. So just push your submodule repos to github the same as you’d do for any other.

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