pull from non local git repository using Egit

I am trying to do a “pull” from my git repository on bitbucket, using Egit (Eclipse). I can do “push” without any problems, but when I try to pull I get the error message:

The current branch is not configured for pull No value for key
branch.master.merge found in configuration

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    How can I set up my eclipse and bitbucket for “pulls” (not local)?
    (I am a bit confused as I thought I was connected to the repository, since push works)

    Any help will be greatly appreciated

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  • One Solution collect form web for “pull from non local git repository using Egit”

    You need to specify an upstream branch.
    The push works because of the default push policy “simple.

    With Egit:

    Access "Configure Branch“:

    • Go to “Git Repositories” view,
    • Expand the branches, local


    • Right-click your checked-out local branch that can’t pull
    • Select “Configure Branch...“:
      • For “Upstream Branch:“, put “refs/heads/yourBranch”
      • For “Remote:”, put “origin”
      • Leave “Rebase” unchecked
      • Hit OK
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