Promote Git branch to master

I have a git (and Github) repo with a master branch, a development branch and several feature branches. Each of the feature branches have been branched off development and subsequently merged into development.

I’d now like to “promote” development to master. I don’t want to merge these two branches because conflicts may arise. Essentially, development is “production ready” and I’d like for master to reflect the current state of development. How can I do this?

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    In other words, develop is your new master. The easiest way to do that would be to simply push developer to master:

     git push origin origin/development:master

    This will work if development started from current master. If not, and you don’t want to keep the history of the master you can force the push:

    git push -f origin/development:master 

    The problem with the forced push might arise if there is other work (branches) forked from master. In such case the safest approach would be to do a technical merge as described in the answers to earlier mentioned thread.

    I think that is better to have a merge commit when declaring develop as ready for production, so that you can roll back.

    While this is perfectly doable with plain git commands, I have a script to do all the steps:

    In practice this is what a promote command does:

    git pull --ff-only         # check we are up to date on our branch
    git checkout master        # go the target branch
    git pull --ff-only         # check updates there too
    git merge develop --no-ff  # merge with a commit
    git push                   # push the merge
    git checkout develop       # back to develop
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