Problem using git and Emacs eshell mode on Windows

when i try to make a git commit in emacs eshell mode:

git commit -a -m "message"

I receive an error:

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    and at the same time this problem is absent in emacs shell mode.
    How to force eshell work correctly with git?

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    This seems to be a problem with the whitespace in the directory name of the program you want to execute; this whitespace seems to be not properly escaped.

    For example, if what you want to execute is “C:\Program Files\git\git.exe commit …”, then that first whitespace needs to be escaped, or the whole pathname enclosed in quotes, otherwise this line will be parsed into the tokens “C:\Program”, “Files\git\git.exe”, “…”, the first token being the command to execute.

    A first workaround would be to expand the full name by hand and enclose it in quotes, e.g.:

    "C:\Program Files\git\git.exe" commit ...

    Had a similar problem, this is for magit, (on MacOS). Add the following in your emacs startup file:

    (add-to-list 'exec-path "/usr/local/git/bin")
    (setq magit-git-executable "/usr/local/git/bin/git")

    Don’t know about specifically with git and emacs, but with other applications it has worked for me to replace Program Files with Progra~1 in your PATH.

    I had the very same problem, and “solved” it by changing PATH such that git.exe (in c:\Program Files\Git\bin) comes before git.cmd (in c:\program files\git\cmd, IIRC).

    Uh, eshell and git? Why?

    Just use magit for invoking git from emacs; it is much richer than the command-line interface.

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