Private subversion server that also provides a mailing list

Can anyone recommend a hosting company that offers private subversion hosting over https as well as a mailing list for collaboration?


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  • Edit: By “mailing list”, I mean a list-serv, like something driven by GNU Mailman. Not email notifications of subversion commits. My main problem is that there are tons of places that offer subversion hosting, but I can’t seem to find one that also offers a mailman interface.

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    Just for the record, I finally did find a paid host that explicitly mentions providing subversion and mailman:

    This took a lot more searching than I expected, and I haven’t found any alternatives for pricing comparison yet.. I suppose setting up svn on a regular hosting account is the main alternative, but I was specifically looking for something that takes care of administrative stuff like that. I basically just want to pay for a private version of SourceForge, but nothing like that seems to be available. could be an option for svn as well as GIT repositories.

    Looks like a2hosting also provides subversion, git, and a mailing list powered by phplist.

    I like Beanstalk – it has reasonable pricing structure and can grow with your needs

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