Prevent git from treating delete & new file w/ changes as a move

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    Renames are only something shown in the output, internally they are stored just as regular deletions and creations.

    If you want to disable the renames detection, you can use the --no-renames option:

    git log --stat --no-renames

    (also works with git diff, git show, etc.)

    If you don’t want to add this option all the time, you can add it to your config:

    git config diff.renames false

    Don’t worry, Git is just displaying the change as a rename as it looks like a rename. It’s not storing it as a rename as there is no way for Git to do this. Rename detection happens on commit display, not at record time.

    You can use git show --no-renames to avoid rename detection even if you have it on by default.

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