prevent `git` from pushing commits with given commit message

How to prevent git from pushing commits that contain given string in commit massage, e.g. “DO NOT PUSH” ?


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  • My typical workflow is:
    I hack hack, splitting work into micro commits,
    once things work I rewrite history, changing order of commit to group them reasonably and later squashing into bigger meaningful pieces.
    Once work is ready, things are ready to push!

    Now I would like git to prevent me from accidentally pushing into repository commits that are still in progress.
    I considered keeping “DO NOT PUSH” as part of commit message.
    How to make git automatically prevent me from pushing when it reaches such commit after git push?

    (On for pre-receive hook solutions: let’s consider github as example service, which AFAIK does not allow pre-recevie hooks, except in its “Enterprise” edition)

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  • One Solution collect form web for “prevent `git` from pushing commits with given commit message”

    You can use a pre-push hook, but that remains a local hook which can be bypassed.
    See this pre-push example which does look at each commit message

    # Check for foo commit
            commit=`git rev-list -n 1 --grep '^foo' "$range"`
            if [ -n "$commit" ]
    echo "ERROR: git pre-push hook found commit message starting with 'foo' in $local_ref"

    But the best way remains a pre-receive hook on the server side though. That way, the policy is enforced for all contributors. This is not always possible (when you don’t have direct access to the remote server like GitHub, BitBucket or

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