prevent git from overriding tracked ignored files during a pull

So there is a file that is already tracked by git call it file.php…This is in a collaborative environment

I made changes to that file that I don’t want to have it committed but I want the changes to stay in my local environment so I did this

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  • 1. git update-index --assume-unchanged file.php
    2. Added file.php to gitignore

    And the changes to the file won’t get committed, etc, which is working fine

    The problem is…whenever I do a git pull origin master, the pull always attempts to override that file

    I tried doing git rm --cached file.php but that will untrack the file and requires a commit and I don’t want to affect the central repository when ignoring this..

    How do I get git to ignore a tracked file during a pull?

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  • One Solution collect form web for “prevent git from overriding tracked ignored files during a pull”

    The gup script is made for you: it stashes your changes, pull, and pops your changes, so you will be able to update your repository without git shouting at you.

    There’s also the git-up script that is more clever, but Windows support looks incomplete at this time.

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