Powerful gitk/gitg alternative?

I am searching for a graphical git repository viewer. Gitk is nice and distributed alongside git itself, gitg is a (in my opinion) better alternative to gitk but both have a lack of features (searching for commits/tags/…, switiching/configuring the representation of time(zones) and so on).

As I am doing all git stuff directly in the terminal I do not need some overloaded GUI who tries to do all the magic of git, I just want an efficient viewer for graphical representation of my files, commits, branches, tags and so on with more features than gitk/gitg.

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    Edit: Most times I’m working on linux.

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    I don’t think this question really has its place here, but if you want recommandations, I can link you to SourceTree if you’re on Windows or Mac, or GitExtensions if you’re using Windows.

    SmartGit is an alternative. It works on Windows, Mac OS and Linux:


    Have you already enter ‘git gui’ on your shell ?

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