Post-receive hook to pull from bare repo

On our server we have, for each project, 2 folders: /repository and /htdocs. Htdocs being a clone of repository, which is the bare repo. Every developer has his own repository clone to work in. htdocs is there to preview the project to project managers.

I would like to set up a post-receive hook that automatically updates htdocs when updates are pushed from the developers.

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  • I have following in my post-receive hook:

    GIT_WORK_TREE=../htdocs git pull origin master

    However, when I push, I see following error: git error

    Can anyone tell me what’s going wrong?

    Note that

    GIT_WORK_TREE=../htdocs git checkout -f

    works, but this is kinda slow (as the project is pretty big). It is also possible someone made some bugfixes in htdocs that would get lost with checkout -f if they weren’t committed.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Post-receive hook to pull from bare repo”

    This should work:

     GIT_WORK_TREE=../htdocs GIT_DIR=../htdocs/.git git pull origin master

    If you don’t specify GIT_DIR, git believe the repo is still “repository” (the bare repo), which might not have a remote named “origin” (hence the error message).

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