Platform command not found for Jenkins for ios build?

I configured Jenkins for 3 platforms Android, ios and windows.
My shell script snippet as below:

$CORDOVA_PATH platform rm $PLATFORM --no-telemetry --no-update-notifier 
$CORDOVA_PATH platform add $PLATFORM --no-telemetry --no-update-notifier
$CORDOVA_PATH build $PLATFORM --no-telemetry --no-update-notifier

Here, mac slave launched from mac m/c using http:windows-ipaddress/8080 so it is successfully automated build generated for android and windows but for ios it throws an error such as:

  • Can't find Git or Cordova on your path (Windows/Netbeans), Can't find GitHub under AppData/Local, FIX 2015
  • Unable to set the sslVerify to false
  • PhoneGap “git” command line tool is not installed
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  • Checking out Revision 592d5aea08cbe6c73c37fecf2ae60020a9fd404f (origin/helloCordova)

    git config core.sparsecheckout # timeout=10
    git checkout -f 592d5aea08cbe6c73c37fecf2ae60020a9fd404f
    git rev-list 592d5aea08cbe6c73c37fecf2ae60020a9fd404f # timeout=10
    [ios] $ /bin/sh -xe /var/folders/sj/01rfz4rx1ws_smjvggb_klzw0000gq/T/
    + platform rm ios –no-telemetry –no-update-notifier
    /var/folders/sj/01rfz4rx1ws_smjvggb_klzw0000gq/T/ line 2: platform: command not found
    Build step ‘Execute shell’ marked build as failure
    Finished: FAILURE

    Already added cordova_path for ios in mac slave is as per below:

    mac machine is not fetching a particular configurations for cordova ?
    Any help/suggestions welcomed/accepted.

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