PhpStorm. Two GitHub projects handled with different GitHub accounts

I have 2 different GitHub projects and I want to handle them separately. Each project with different GitHub account but it seems impossible.

After get into Settings - Version Control - Github, there is only one place to put user and password (or token) and it seems is shared for all PhpStorm projects. If I change to the other project it keeps the settings and if after that I update the credentials after changing to the first project again the credentials I put lately are still set.

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    You can work around the PHPStorm settings for git credentials at the git level if you update your repositories to reference their remotes via ssh rather than https.

    You can update local repositories to another remote with the git remote set-url command.

    Once you’ve switched to using ssh key authentication rather than https user/password auth, if you want to use multiple keys (one for each account) you can follow this guide which details how to configure git to use different private keys for different repositories.

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