PHPStorm display working branch name

I did not find anything related to this so maybe someone can help me by telling me if there is an option to display the working branch in PHPStorm similar to what NetBeans is offering like in the screenshoot below:

Netbeans – [second_fixes_chip] is the git branch:

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    In PhpStorm (and other JetBrains’ IDEs), current VCS branch is displayed in status bar (bottom right corner, next to line numbers/encoding).

    ATM there is no option to display current branch next to folders in Project View panel. But you can check VCS plugins — maybe one of them can do what you have asked in the same way as Netbeans do (like SVNToolBox plugin can do for SVN).

    You won’t see the branch name at the same position as it is mentioned in NetBeans,
    you can see this in the bottom right of IDE.

    you can see this in the bottom right of IDE.

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