PHP Database Deployment git/capistrano

I’m working for a company which is using PHP. There are different CMS Systems being used like WordPress or Magento.
We are working with git having our own repository server and we have to deploy to different servers our different customers.

I’ve set up a deploymentscript using capistrano which works fine but the Database Synchronisation is quite tricky.

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  • Imagine the live-database contains user data and I have to create some new features after the site already launched and there are loads of sql data within the database already. I personally work with a dummy database since I don’t need any customer information.

    How are you PHP geeks are deploying your databases? I don’t want to change the contents but only migrate new or modified tables. I’m looking for a complete deployment solution for that. I’m also open for other options besides capistrano if needed. Especially with Magento I had serious problems to keep my database sync..

    Any help is appreciated.

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  • One Solution collect form web for “PHP Database Deployment git/capistrano”

    Recently I have discovered this project:, but I don’t have used it, otherwise Symfony has a similar feature called migrations and it works very well.

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