Permission denied when cloning git repository

So I just setup an Amazon EC2 instance. And installed git..

sudo yum install git

I then set up my ssh key with github. Now when I try to clone my repo into /var/www/html folder i get this error..

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    and when I run as root…

    Cloning into ''...
    Permission denied (publickey).
    fatal: Could not read from remote repository.
    Please make sure you have the correct access rights
    and the repository exists.

    But I made sure that my github public key matches my ~/.ssh/ key. Is there something that I’m missing here?

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    Your first error is because your user does not have access to write to /var/www/html . You could give your user permissions to do so.

    Your second error when running as root, is likely that you have your ssh keys in your user home directory, not in /root/.ssh/ , or that your .ssh directory or the ~/.ssh/ key file have improber permissions. ~/.ssh/ should have the permission bits 0700 , and should have ~/.ssh/ e.g. 0600

    Is the id_rsa private key in ~/.ssh/id_rsa the pair to you public key (~/.ssh/ ?

    If it’s not (or you’re not sure) I suggest you regenerate a new private/public key pair with ssh-keygen -t dsa.

    Have you tried this:

    git: fatal: Could not read from remote repository

    You can specify the username that SSH should send to the remote system as part of your remote’s URL. Put the username, followed by an @, before the remote hostname.

    git remote set-url website abc@***.com:path/to/repo

    My solution matches that of nos. Adding the public key of the root user fixes it. Another option would be changing the permission of the directory and executing the command as a regular user.

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