Performing Hotbackups of Gogs

This question is related to this question which targets only the gogs-repositories component of gogs / git:

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  • One Solution collect form web for “Performing Hotbackups of Gogs”

    Ultimately I wanted to be able to perform efficient Cron based nightly backups while minimizing the chance of data corruption and being able to move the backup of site with encryption. I also needed a time machine capability in the event that for some reason something something did get corrupted (Even though going back to a previous commit is an option as well). Turns out duplicity has all of that built in and is a perfect fit:

    So that’s what I’m rolling with. I’m also planning to switch off the health checks and perform them outside of gogs on a separate CRON job, but I’m still researching the recipe for that. If anyone has tips please comment.

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