How to properly set up Visual Studio 2013 Git Source Control Provider for Http?

spent all day tryin’ to sucessfully push a piece of code into our Git repo. When i generate public key for SSH I get a Git fatal error saying “Access denied” and I’ve read it’s better for VS to go with Http. Now, when I switch to Http everything works well but the final git […]

symlink issue when pushing on gitlab

I have some issue when pushing on a gitlab project repo. When I run git push -u origin master to let’s say a remote repo /Users/home/repositories/root/other.git, I get this output : remote: hooks/update:10: undefined method `require_relative’ for main:Object (NoMethodError) remote: error: hook declined to update refs/heads/master I think it may come from symlinking issue. Because, […]

deploy to Heroku from multiple computers

I have two computers and want to use only one for deployment. I regularly do push to my private git repo on another computer and on the current computer I do both push to git repo and deploy to heroku. If I made changes on another computer (such as adding new files) and push to […]

How might one push a different git history to different repositories?

TL;DR: Is there an effective way to push “from now on, only” to a git repository mirroring another, without losing the history on other mirrors of the same project? I have a project of a certain scale (that is to say, “fat”) that is being pushed to three different repositories; one internal to a group […]

Can I test my app in a EGit repository with Xampp locally?

I am having trouble setting up the testing mentioned in the title because of the folder structures for Xampp and Git/EGit respectively. Can anyone recommend a guide or tutorial on how to do this? Given Xampp is looking for the .htdocs/appname/ folder for testing the app but folder structure can be something like .htdocs/repositoryname/appfoldername, they […]

Reconstruct git hash from an exported repo

I have the content of a git repo (i.e.:working directory) that was exported as a tar.gz archive, and I would like to verify to which tag or commit the archive really correspond to. I don’t think I can go back all the way to the commit, but I think it should at least be possible […]

Bitnami Gitlab+Redmine Auto Updating Repository Fails

I have searched around for solutions to this and tried various things however due to (from what i can gather) this being the less tred path, i have found nothing that works. I have installed gitlab and redmine using a Bitnami native install on ubuntu 12.04 server. It is pretty much just a self contained […]

Given the hash of a tree in git, how can I see what commits have that tree?

I have a git repository that takes up a lot of disk space, so I’m investigating it. If I have the hash of a tree, how can i see what commits have that tree? The tree-hash in question might be a subdirectory of the commit, not necessarily the ‘root’ tree of the commit.

Make diff between two branches from Git and Mercurial

I have two repositories. One is Git repository. And other is Mercurial repository. Is it possible to show difference between two branches between two repositories?

GitHub – Fork a repo and implement it's pull requests

I’ve come across a useful repo, but it’s unmaintained and there are some good pull requests with bug fixes etc. that haven’t been implemented. Is there anyway I can fork the repo and implement the pull requests into my forked repo?

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