Is it possible to show all local branches at the same time in Windows Explorer?

Let’s say i have 2 remote branches, Master and Developer, and that my local repository is on the folder D:/Git_Project. On git bash i go to the repository directory and select Master branch, i make a folder and a file inside it, commit changes, push it to remote master branch. Now i switch to the […]

Using github on my project that uses NuGet

I’m creating an open-source .net web development framework called “ExpressForms”. I just now uploaded the project to github: I used NuGet to set up my code to run with the latest versions of MVC and Entity Framework; these are saved in a “packages” directory below the solution. I can see that by default, […]

Git ref master now empty, how to recover?

I’m not entirely sure what happened, but for some reason my git repository’s master ref file is now empty. We’re hosting the repository on Dropbox, so maybe it has to do with that..but now I can’t pull from it. It says this: Your configuration specifies to merge with the ref ‘master’ from the remote, but […]

What parameters are showing undefined in this dnvm.ps1 command? Deployment to Azure Web Site Fails as a result

I have been developing a new ASP.NET 5 (MVC 6) website on Linux. I am using Git with Azure and have been able to successfully push it to SCM. However my deployment fails due to some undefined parameters. Hoping someone can tell me what the undefined parameters are in the command shown in the terminal […]

git checkout < branch > failure for local changes

I am new to Git. It seems to be a fantastic non-liner workflow based on the Directed Acyclic Graph. According to the git checkout doc: git checkout <branch> To prepare for working on , switch to it by updating the index and the files in the working tree, and by pointing HEAD at the branch. […]

deriving version numbers from a git repository

we have a build system that uses the svn ID as an imput to a VM builder appliance that required a five digit number. When I build from git I have been faking this by counting the number of commits in the git repo. This only sort-of-works :-/ I’m tyring to figure out: how can […]

How do I view of commit history of file in different branch without checking out that branch?

Is there any way I can force “git log ” to read commit history from different branch ?

How to create a tag on GitHub when a PR is merged?

My current workflow requires a version Bump on every PR, so I would like to take advantage of that and automatically create a tag on GitHub on every PR merge, so it appears in the “release” section. I’ve seen that I can write a post-merge hook. My doubt is if that hook runs locally in […]

how to start Mysql in git bash in windows 8.1

hi i want to know there is anyway to start Mysql in Wampserver in git bash Program with command line like $ Mysql start

How to create a git commit with date in the past?

I wonder how would you create a commit in the past? I’ve searched for it, and as far as I understand one can use git commit –date”” I would really appreciate if someone could clarify this and give an example of the date format.

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