How to clone an older GIT commit

I’m a developer in training, with some spare time on my hands. I am trying to re-continue a discontinued project, and I don’t have access to the repository besides read-only access, as I don’t own it. I need to get a copy of an older snapshot of it, because it was the last stable one. […]

branch with no common ancesters

I seem to have managed to create a branch that does not stem from the initial commit. It seemed to happen when pulling changes from the repo. I have managed to get a point where my working branch has all the necessary commits, but my branch history is confusing. Can I correct it?

Git alias cannot echo without newline

I’m trying to create the following git alias: stat = “!stat() { echo -n Number of revisions:; git log –oneline | wc -l;}; stat” But the output is wrong: > git stat -n Number of revisions: 5917 The output I want is this: > git stat Number of revisions: 5917 Is it normal that the […]

What problems might I face keeping a directory under git and svn control?

I’ve been running into problems with git-svn, and in searching for a solution I stumbled across this page, in which the author decided to simply use both git and svn, since they both hold all of their important information in .git and .svn directories. I suspect the main problem with this type of workflow is […]

resolve conflicts on git merge octopus

Octopus merge means to merge more than 2 heads. How should the user to compare files using ordinal 3-way merge tools? 3 files are passed to the merge tool: BASE, LOCAL, REMOTE How many and what combinations required for 3 heads?

the command what git repository am I using in

Possible Duplicate: Is there a way to get to the git root directory in one command? how can i check what git repository am I using ? I can see the result with ‘git init‘. git init returns ‘Reinitialized existing Git repository in c:/Users/k-9/.git/‘ but I think git init is not a proper command.

Git branches and creation of new files

I have a repository where I created a new branch “test” and added a few files, made a few modifications. However, I see that when I switch back to the “master” branch the files I created in “test” are present in “master”. Why does this happen? [EDIT] I figured out the reason for my confusion. […]

How to git svn fetch older history?

I have checkout’ed svn repo through git, but not from the first svn commit. Now I would like to extend the history a little back into past. Is it possible?

Git ignore all files except those of a particular extension, even under subdirectories

How can I ignore all files except those with a particular extension, even consider those located within a subdirectory? Example: My toy “repository” ./ ./tmp/ ./tmp/foo.arg ./.gitnore I want to keep and tmp/, but not foo.arg I tried the following: # gitignore file * !*/ !.gitignore !*.xyz however foo.arg will not be ignored 🙁 […]

How do I list all comments posted on my changes in gerrit?

Here and there, colleague leaves a comment on my code changes which I post in gerrit. However to see them I have to: click on the gerrit change in the list of changes. This link does not even indicate whether anything was commented Then see a list of files and click on any that has […]

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