How to add a file to the index in a git pre-commit hook

I’ve looked around for duplicates and while some of them have similar titles, I haven’t found anyone having the same issue as I am, so here goes. I’ve written a script that runs on pre-commit and uses the output of git status –porcelain to compile any LESS file in my project that has changed. This […]

Eclipse + Git – How to get toolbar?

I’ve got Eclipse 3.7.2 installed and working fine. I installed the git plugins (see below). Right clicking my active project and clicking on “Team” gives me the options to pull/push/commit and more. I have set my git executeable to msysgit (C git). The docs told me that to add git to the toolbar I should […]

How to 'Watch' only a directory in a GitHub repository?

For example, is the GitHub repository. But I only want to ‘watch’ this directory in the repository. How do I do that? There doesn’t seem to be a way.

git checkout master error: the following untracked working tree files would be overwritten by checkout

I have a git repository. It has A B C D E … commits. Now I want to checkout D as a new branch named Dbranch. So I excute:git checkout D -b Dbranch. And now I want to delete this branch. Firstly I need to switch to master branch , and then use git branch […]

Use Git's patience diff algorithm for interactive add

I’d like to use Git’s patience diff algorithm (the one you get if you invoke git diff with the –patience argument) with git add -p. How can I do this? Background: I’m working with some XML files, and git diff‘s normal algorithm produces pretty poor diffs due to “misaligned” entry/exit tags. If I run git […]

Is it possible to keep an unversioned file in a git repository

Here is the problem: I created bare git repository at my hosting partner place, which I use as the reference repository from all the locations/computers I maintain my project from. The thing is that my project is using a sqlite db file, which keeps growing regularly (it is about 150MB for now). As time is […]

How I deal with Visual Studio files in Git?

I usually work with .NET using Git for versioning. In my team, we work in parallel and we often commit our code to integrate in the application. Everything is fine BUT the Visual Studio’s solution and project files. We found two ways: Never commit those files, everyone has his own Include those file in the […]

How can I view the git history in Visual Studio Code?

I can execute various git commands from vscode, however I couldn’t find a way to visualize the history.

How do I make Jenkins see a Git merge commit as a change?

Users A and B each make modifications (on different feature branches) to a particular repo. User A merges changes into staging branch. Jenkins builds the staging branch, and succeeds. User C (release manager for User B team) merges User B’s changes into staging branch. However, something in the merge goes wrong and isn’t noticed, such […]

How to find out which files take up the most space in git repo?

I need to make the repo smaller. I think I can make it smaller by removing problematic binary files from git history: git filter-branch –index-filter ‘git rm –cached –ignore-unmatch BigFile’ And then releasing the objects: rm -rf .git/refs/original/ git reflog expire –expire=now –all git gc –aggressive –prune=now (Feel free to comment if those commands are […]

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