In Eclipse/EGit is there a way to edit commit message of unpushed/local commit?

Using Eclipse/EGit how do I edit a commit message of a commit I’ve made locally, but haven’t pushed to the repository yet?

How do I split up a large Git branch into lots of smaller branches?

I have imported from SVN into Git, now I have one big branch, like this: work on feature C work on feature B work on feature C work on feature C work on feature B work on feature A I want separate feature branches, for A, B, C. I’m cherry picking commits to new branches […]

How to get email diffs for GitHub pushes?

Has anyone come up with a good way to get emails when commits are pushed to your GitHub repo — that includes a diff of files changed? (I know they have an Email Service Hook – but that doesn’t include a diff) Mega bonus points if the diffs are colorized with inline CSS that’s viewable […]

Applying the changes from branch b to a, without merging or adding commits

My scenario is that I have one branch in which I’ve made big improvements to the build process (branch A) and in another I’m working on a unrelated feature (branch B). So now when I’m hacking away at branch B, I want to pull in the stuff I wrote in branch A because I want […]

How to `pip install` a package that has Git dependencies?

I have a private library called some-library (actual names have been changed) with a setup file looking somewhat like this: setup( name=’some-library’, // Omitted some less important stuff here… install_requires=[ ‘some-git-dependency’, ‘another-git-dependency’, ], dependency_links=[ ‘git+ssh://’, ‘git+ssh://’, ], ) All of these Git dependencies may be private, so installation via HTTP is not an option. I […]

How do I manage an open-source and commercial version of the same project using source control?

We are developing an open source project, and we are using Mercurial for source management control. The Mercurial repository for this project is public (we are using Bitbucket). Now we have a client for whom we need to customize our open source software. These customizations must be kept private, so we probably need to create […]

What does 'git fetch -p' means

I had run this command with misunderstandings while I was deleting my one local branch, git branch -D branch-name git fetch -p but I have seen their is a list of branch names that are showing to be deleted. I was afraid to see the list of deleted branches list, and thinking might be I […]

Adding git submodule that contains another submodule?

I’m working on a project in one git repository (A) that is including another git repository (B), which in turn includes a third git repository (C). In A, I added B via: git submodule add plugins/sfDoctrine2Plugin Click here, and you can see where B references C: After doing my git submodule add, my […]

Mac OS X 10.10 merge tool git bugs

When I am attempting to use git mergetool I get the following errors. Normal merge conflict for ‘application/language/dutch/config_lang.php’: {local}: modified file {remote}: modified file Hit return to start merge resolution tool (opendiff): 2014-10-16 16:30:02.996 FileMerge[42541:5140761] Failed to connect (delegate) outlet from (DiffController) to (DiffController): missing setter or instance variable 2014-10-16 16:30:02.997 FileMerge[42541:5140761] Failed to connect […]

Alternatives to GitHub Pages?

So I’m doing research for a project and I am wondering if there exists any web applications that offer similar services to GitHub Pages. As in, a free (or cheap) web host where the collaborators push to a central git repository to make the changes and those changes get deployed live.

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