Git merge fails on file with no changes

I am trying to merge changes from a colleague into my local repository but git keeps on complaining that I have modified the file and that my changes will be overwritten (“error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge”). If I compare my file with the HEAD using egit, it […]

Using a git submodule as an android library

I’ve seen a few similar questions to this but have not found a definitive answer and hoping someone could help. I have an android project with a subdirectory that is a git submodule that I want to use as a library (it is a android library project). The problem is that the only way that […]

Push a directory in a git repo to another repo automatically

I’m developing a website with Yeoman and planning to deploy it as a GitHub page. As GitHub requires the index.html to be at the root of the project (and I don’t want to loose the benefits of yeoman), I’ve created another repo where I push all the code. On that project, I run grunt build […]

Is this git setup correct?

I have a CMS framework that I use for multiple projects, coded by me. As I do my projects the CMS Gets improved and I often want to use those changes in subsequent projects. Often I have multiple projects on the go at once however. After reading up on git I know I could branch […]

Maven SCM plugin fails to do a scm:update after a scm:checkout with obscure error message

I have configured a maven project to checkout a project using: <scm> <developerConnection></developerConnection> </scm> Using: mvn scm:checkout The project checks out fine. I would expect if scm:checkout works, scm:update should work too. But it doesn’t. By running with the “-e” option (mvn -e scm:update) to get the full stack trace, it will show some obscure […]

How to set up git for wordpress theme development

I am setting up 10 new local wordpress sites. I have 10 folders all named like this: “” Inside each is a simple file structure: briefing files html wordpress I want to set up a repository on git hub for the wp-content file but I can’t find a way to create an alias. Surely the […]

How to perform the inverse of a fetch in GIT?

The Setup I have a local network of 4 machines (Dev1, Dev2, Server and Laptop). Server has what you might call the main repository. The 2 Dev machines are where development happens. dev..commit…dev..commit…dev..commit…dev..commit…dev..commit. …and then eventually… push to **Server**. All good so far. This cycle works very nicely. The backup strategy Laptop has a clone […]

Backup git repos, git fetch vs git remote update

I want to backup git repos using this SO answer: Backup a GitHub repository git clone –mirror git:// git fetch The only difference is I am using git fetch instead of git remote update Are there any drawback of the two commands? (from the complete backup point of view, e.g. backup all tags, branches)

CGit on Nginx do not show repository content

I configured cgit on nginx with this guide. In result, I can see list of repositories, but when I click to view on of them, I am back on main page. You cat take a look here: problem_here. Nginx logs says nothing useful. How can I debug problem?

Remove git comments from files

This question already has an answer here: Git conflict markers [duplicate] 1 answer

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