Moving autogenerated build files from one git repo to another git repo

I want to move the auto generated files from git repo-A to git repo-B. Git repo-A generates build directory after make but that build directory is not checked in. I spent lot of time in investigation a method to do but I wasn’t able to do. GIT repo-A: |——directoryA |——directoryA1 |——build/ (autogenerated after make) GIT […]

Properly versioning a private composer repository

I have a private repository in Git and I have managed to make it work with composer properly as a package. However, there is one thing that I dislike : When I specify the version of the repository, I have to say dev-master, to get the master branch. What I would like instead is to […]

Git – View Remote branches by creation date

Is it possible to see the list of remote branches by creation date instead of alphabetical order? Right now i use git branch -r Which outputs the below list of remote branches: origin/HEAD -> origin/develop origin/calendar-view-impl origin/containers-redesign origin/develop origin/dialogs-view-impl origin/dropdowns-redesign It would be nice if this could be ordered by CREATION date of the branch.

Nginx Configuration Versioning Strategy

currently a project my team inherited has a complete mess on the nginx configuration across 10+ environments, we would like to implement a versioning strategy however im not sure how people “normally” achieve this. you make the whole nginx conf folder a git repo and ignore what you do not want to version? or have […]

Custom git pre-receive hook possible on Heroku?

I’m looking to add a custom guard to a Heroku application that blocks a push to my app’s master branch from any other branch except master on a developer’s local machine, but I don’t see anything in the Heroku documentation for accessing the pre-receive hook. Does anyone know whether this is even possible to access, […]

Git Ignore File – Push with Blank File Not No File

So here is my .gitignore file .DS_Store core/prodConfig.php core/vendor/ The core/prodConfig.php file I would like to still push with the commit, however I’d like to push a blank, empty file but yet still keep the file “not empty” on my machine and retain all the information saved. Is that at all possible? I want the […]

Files get committed with the wrong file encoding

We are UTF8 with BOM in most of our code files. However, some code files get into the git repository as plain ASCII. I haven’t figured out how/why. It’s mostly existing files. From what I can tell they do not have to been modified (i.e. code changes) to become converted to ASCII. It causes problems […]

SSH Permission denied on reboot

I created a repo at home two days ago and did some work on it, then yesterday set up my SSH key at work so I can push to that repo and it worked fine. However today, I am getting permission denied message, as if my SSH key is no longer linked. It is stored […]

Branch model for multiple projects in the same repository?

We’ve recently switched from CVS to Git and are using Vincent Driessen’s successful Git branching model with a master branch and a develop branch which merges back to master. We started with one project in Git and now we have two separate projects using some common code in a submodule (common). Recently the other project […]

Gitlab multi project CI

I have a complex LaTeX set of projects composed of the following directories. PACKAGE/ SCRIPTS/ AUX/ PROJ1/ PROJ2/ … Each PROJ1, PROJ2, … is a book. To build PROJ1/, for example, I have a set of scripts in the SCRIPT folder. These scripts copy some files in the AUX/ folder to each PROJ1/ folder. The […]

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