merge git projects without common commit

right now i have several projects tracked with git. Now, i want to make one big project, with several subfolders for each of the previous projects and preserve their history along with the history of the big project. So basically what i have now is projecta/ projectb/ projectc/ bigproject/ And what i want is bigproject/ […]

Versioning git repo inside other git repo

I am working on developing a little piece of software that works with git repositories, and I would like to be able to write some tests. In order to do so, I created a test-repo folder inside my project that itself is a git repository. In my tests I reference that repository to ensure that […]

I can't see my project in gitweb. How do you configure gitweb properly?

Goal: To see my project in the gitweb webpage. I have git+gitolite+gitweb installed. My gitolite.conf file is: repo gitolite-admin RW+ = ADMINUSER repo testing RW+ = @all repo PROJECT1 RW+ = USER1 RW+ = USER2 R = gitweb When I go to my server’s http://server/gitweb/gitweb.cgi but the only projects that I can see are: testing.git […]

Is there a way to view complete git diff using a GUI tool?

Is there a combination of a GUI diff viewer and a git configuration that would allow me to view all modified files at once? Currently I use git difftool and it invokes a separate diff viewer for each file. It would be great if there was a way to force git to put both versions […]

git shell on Windows reports “sh.exe has stopped working (APPCRASH)”

I have tried both the Git shell installed by GitHub and that provided by Git for Windows on my Windows Server 2012 R2 virtual machine on XenServer 6.20 With each, git command line calls fail with the message sh.exe has stopped working (APPCRASH) This is a recent problem. Can anyone advise me of a solution?

Change Git Root Folder contents to a Subfolder

i have a git repository that i created some time ago, and i made the mistake of putting all the files of my project in the root git repository path. However, i discovered that i want to version control some more elements that do not really belong to the root folder. My current git is […]

Git Push – Heroku & BitBucket

I push changes and it says it commits them. And I use heroku run python and it still is using the old code. How do I get it to commit to Heroku? I have checked git remote -v and it says – which is correct – there are two remotes – one to BitBucket and […]

Using GIT and a CDN for static content

Problem: I have an app that I deploy using GIT. When I want to update the files on my server I do a simple git pull to get the latest version of the app from the GitHub repo. The thing is I sort of want to serve all static content from my Amazon S3 account […]

phabricator “arc land” with non-origin remote?

I am trying to “arc land” a change where the remote is not named “origin”. (Why is not particularly important, but the short version is multiple remotes…). The output of arc is: $ arc land Landing current branch ‘FeatureX’. Switched to branch develop. Updating branch… Switched back to branch FeatureX. Exception Command failed with error […]

Git uncertainty – customized, but able to pull in upstream changes?

I have phabricator set up. Being relatively green with git, what’s the sane/proper way to make sure that I can have my own configuration files (and possibly some hacks in other files) coexist with what comes in from upstream?

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