Using JCloud Compute API with KVM

I want to use jclouds compute api for managing virtual machines virtiualized via KVM hypervisor. AFAIK compute api supports apis like Openstack ,abiquo ,which wraps hypervisor apis. However i want to manage KVM directly like libvirt api. I know in jclouds repository there is sandbox-api, which contains libvirt bindings. However it seems it is not […]

How can git possibly know a SHA-1 before cleaning?

How can git possibly know the SHA-1 of a commit before applying the clean filter? The filter below just prints Hello! to stderr: $ cat #!/bin/bash echo “Hello!” >&2 cat Create a new Git repository, configure myfilter, stage foo and commit the change: $ git init Initialized empty Git repository in /tmp/git/.git/ $ $ […]

Incremental migration from VSS 2005 to Git

I have a relatively big VSS 2005 database that I want to migrate to Git. It’s not definitive migration just yet. I need to perform some tests on the migration to see if everything will be there. Meanwhile, my coworkers will still keep using VSS 2005. Nothing fancy on the VSS use, no branches or […]

What files are in the project root directory after branching?

When using a local repository with Xcode, I’m wondering what versions of files are actually the files you see in the project directory on the hard drive, if these files are involved in multiple branches. Since the contents of files can be different in different branches, or even when saved vs not yet committed, then […]

Gmail recognize a Reply-To email

git config –global sendemail.chainreplyto true git format-patch -2 HEAD -o patch –cover-letter git send-email patch/* – I can’t figure out how to get gmail to recognize that an email was sent as a “Reply-To” by git and have those emails grouped together as one list of sent and replied emails. Message-Id: <> X-Mailer: git-send-email […]

Gitlab: Can't clone repo over SSH

I’ve installed Gitlab version 5.1 on my server (Centos 6.4 64bit). After a lot of hiccups, I now can clone, pull and push… but only over HTTP. Anytime I try an SSH clone, this error occurs: $ git clone git@git.server:my-project.git Cloning into ‘my-project’… FATAL: R any my-project my-user DENIED by fallthru (or you mis-spelled the […]

How can I get git in sync with remote master branch

I’m confused about why my production server seems to think it is ahead of my master branch. I use fabric to deploy, and it runs a git pull on the server from my master branch on github. I make no changes that I’m aware of on the production server itself, and I certainly do not […]

Keeping downstream Puppet git repositories in sync except for ignored directories

I have a git configuration for our Puppet Dev/Test server that looks like this: Developer has a working directory in his/her /home directory in which changes to configurations are actually made. Changes are pushed from each working directory to a central, bare repository. Changes are then pulled into the Development directory which is where testing […]

msysGit daemon doesn't reliably clone from

We have 4 computers on a lan, and we would like to pull from each other directly, rather than from a central repository. msysGit (v1.8.0.msysgit.0) has being installed with stock options, and I’m running the daemon with this command: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Git\bin\git.exe” daemon –reuseaddr –base-path=”C:\Users\SmartUserPerson\repos” –verbose The problem persists even with port 9418 open in […]

GIT stops after resolving deltas on git clone

i try to git clone via git bash on windows 7 (64-bit) with 4GB RAM but if i try it on machine with 8GB it is fine work. what i type and get: git clone user@url:/rep Cloning into heverest… remote: Counting objects: 85868, done. remote: Compressing objects: 100% (38411/38411), done. remote: Total 85868 (delta 44254), […]

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