Reasonable way to use BitBucket deployment key and git push with ID

First, I use a deployment key for automated scripts which deploy environments. BitBucket does not count a deployment key (read only) towards a user limit. I realized with a little more configuration I can push directly with my user ID even though all other actions executed with the deployment key. This config allows me to […]

Pushing to a remote GitHub repository

My professor wants us to use his github repository for his course. I created the ssh key, I added the private key to ssh-agent and given the public key to the professor. After I created the project folder and run the following steps: git init git add * git commit -m “Initial commit” git remote […]

How to get the gerrit code review link when we do git push to gerrit repo

I am trying to setup gerrit code review server . I have installed the gerrit server and I am able to access it on my local host localhost:8080 I have also installed gerrit git review . After committing changes of a file ,when I do git push origin master I get this dev> git push […]

Generating git diff

I’m trying to generate diff from file with encoding “UTF-8 Unicode”. This is C source code but contains Asians characters(in comments). I’ve added only few lines but the diff shows several others due to encoding. When I use difftool with kdiff3 it works correctly. After some investigation I realize that the temporary file, created by […]

Git: setting external diff tool for graphical files

I’m trying to get git to open diffed graphical files (images, pdfs, etc) in Preview. The command to open preview is /usr/bin/open -a Preview file1 file2 …. I set up a rule in gitconfig: git config –global diff.graphical.external ~/ (followed this gist). Then I added some rules to .gitattributes file in ~/.config/git/attributes: *.jpg diff=graphical *.png […]

Merge + Squash does not change MERGE_HEAD?

We are working in a team where we had local branches with everyone working their own branch and we had committed few branches and merged with –squash. Now we have to delete those branches that are merged in in ‘staging’ branch. The issue is when we command ‘git diff‘ to see our branches, it shows […]

Change developerConnection with maven release plugin

I am using the maven release plugin with git but am running into issues in release:prepare. The developer settings in my pom are as follows <connection>scm:git:git://</connection> <url>scm:git:git://</url> <developerConnection></developerConnection> The problem with this is when I run the release:prepare goal. It throws the following error not valid: is this a git repository? and release fails. […]

Git ignoring directory not in .gitignore

Nothing happens when I try to add gdb-7.8 to my repository, so I ran check-ignore from the root of the project and it shows: .gitignore:31:*.8 src/…/gdb-7.8/ But that line isn’t in the .gitignore file: # Object files *.o *.ko *.obj *.elf # Libraries *.lib *.a # Shared objects (inc. Windows DLLs) *.dll *.so *.so.* *.dylib […]

Version Control for analytic projects

I’ve found several things about how to manage a data science projet with GIT but I didn’t find something about how to manage a set of projects. In 90% of the case I’m working alone and over the month a lot of people ask me to check: the performance of our marketing operations the impact […]

Specified 'sqlite3' for database adapter, but the gem is not loaded

I’m trying to deploy my rails app to my VPS. But I’m running into an error. Gem::LoadError: Specified ‘sqlite3’ for database adapter, but the gem is not loaded. Add `gem ‘sqlite3’` to your Gemfile. In my gemfile I have gem ‘sqlite3′ I’ve removed the gemfile.lock and did a bundle install and bundle update. On my […]

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