how can I use git to track folder structure?

This question already has an answer here: .gitignore exclude folder but include specific subfolder 8 answers

Strategies of merging master

So if I’m working in a branch, let’s call it feature-foo, that was initially based of master. And I’m continuously adding many commits to it. At that same time, my colleague is working on a feature-baz, decides to merge it his branch into master. Then we find out that feature-foo depends on certain changes that […]

TortoiseSVN – Is there a warning about new files that are not tracked?

I’m used to git and its CLI so whenever I want to commit I always do a git status first to check for any new files I have forgotten to add, if any use git add and then do the committing and pushing. Qt Creator, which has a nice integration of this VCS, does all […]

Is there a way to know the username of all who zip downloaded/cloned a private repo in Github?

Is there a way to know the username of all who zip downloaded/cloned a private repo in Github?

Unable to git add env/bin directory after creating virtualenv

I am really new to Python and the virtualenv needed to set up a project. I dont know whether the directories generated by virtualenv should be gitignored or staged and committed. I narrowed it down to the myproject/env/bin directory that doesn’t seem to want to be staged. After running git add env/bin once I get. […]

How to checkout only Jenkinsfile instead of the whole branch while using Bitbucket Pullrequest Builder Plugin?

Background: The Jenkins plugins I’m working with are: Bitbucket Plugin Bitbucket Pullrequest Builder Plugin The company I work for is using Jira + Bitbucket. I’ve implemented automatic builds in Jenkins by creating a Jenkins “Bitbucket team” job which automatically scans the whole company’s Bitbucket organization repositories and all branches within each repository and automatically builds […]

Unable to acess – Push Git

I am facing the following error when executing a push in git: Fatal: unable to access ‘’: failed to connect to port 8080: Time out I already ran the unset proxy in git and also disabled the proxy in windows.

GIT rebase – multiple commits into one – still see in history

I am trying to make one commit from multiple commits (which are already pushed to the origin/master). I am trying it from this tutorial: $ git log –oneline c172641 Fix second file 24f5ad2 Another file 97c9d7d Add first file we can combine the last two commits (c172641 and 24f5ad2) by rebasing up to the […]

What “Everyone Must Sign” in Git SCM book about Sign mean?

Everyone Must Sign Signing tags and commits is great, but if you decide to use this in your normal workflow, you’ll have to make sure that everyone on your team understands how to do so. If you don’t, you’ll end up spending a lot of time helping people figure out how to rewrite their commits […]

Rename folder in Git. All branches and all revisions

I’m facing issue while checking out a branch in windows. One folder ends with an empty space in it, causing windows to automatically trim the folder, while git is trying to put files in original path and causing an error. fatal: cannot create directory at ‘raisesoft/61571_delivery /acl’: No such file or directory On linux it […]

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