If I Resolve a Conflict Does it Change Git Blame?

I’m trying to figure out whether a merge conflict was responsible for a bug, but I’m having difficulty because I’m not clear on how conflict resolution affects git blame. Let’s say I have a file in master: a(); b(); c(); I modify it in master: a(); d(); c(); but so does a co-worker, and they […]

How to merge files from one branch's directory into another branch?

Simple example. This is ‘master’: root – index.html – readme.md This is a branch called ‘dev’: root src – index.jade dist – index.html I’d like to take the index.html file (or all files, really) in the ‘dist’ folder of the ‘dev’ branch and replace or merge it with the one in the root directory of […]

Need help to understand merge conflict example

I am following an example from a book which does not show the step to resolve a merge conflict. The tutorial which teaches that did not work for me as mentioned in this post – Simulate multiple users/committer's on local system So, I could not even learn the merge. Here are the steps copied from […]

is there a simple way to know which files will be updated in the next 'git pull'?

i would like to know which files would be updated (and hopefully the changes that would occur) if i’d do a ‘git pull‘… is git stash git fetch git diff origin/master git stash apply the answer ?

Is it possible to filter out merged branches in git for-each-ref?

Basically I want something similar to git branch -a –no-merged but I’d also like to list tags and I don’t need the spaces before or stuff like remotes/origin/HEAD -> origin/master Can I do this with for-each-ref or is it better to just strip the stuff I don’t want from git branch then get the tags […]

How to track revision history of revision history?

I am working on a programming tutorial project, and I want the sample source code for this tutorial to have a meaningful revision history, relevant to the tutorial’s progress. Inevitably, I won’t get all the tutorial commits perfectly right the first time, and I don’t want that revision history cluttered with commits where I modify […]

Why does “git fetch” fail on HTTPS URLs with “Function is not available” on HP-UX?

When I run git fetch I get the following: $ git fetch Password for ‘xxx’: error: cannot create thread: Function is not available fatal: cannot start thread to parse advertised refs $

force update the current branch – how?

I’m on the my-backup branch. Now I do git fetch origin my-backup and origin/my-backup is updated and I see that it was forced pushed. Now I need to updated my local my-backup branch to point to origin/my-backup branch. I do git branch -f my-backup origin/my-backup but get the warning: fatal: Cannot force update the current […]

How to change author email at commit time with hooks

Question says it all. I want to give my users some privacy by obfuscating their real email addresses in commits by aliases of my own. Is there a hook that can help me do this?

Gitstats commit_begin does not work

I am using gitstats on windows I am trying to get stats for the current month however gitstats still returns stats from untill the time the project was created I am executing this command: git log –since “1 month ago” This gives me a month old commits until date, I copy the first commit_id and […]

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