Bitbucket teams/organizations?

We’re 5 people working on the same projects and have several GIT-repositories in Bitbucket. Each user has their own Bitbucket account. I’m looking for the best-practice approach to having some sort of team or organization feature so that we can all work on the same repositories? As a use case, when I clone a repository […]

git-flow: how to checkout release branch from origin?

What is the perferred workflow to pull a published release branch from the central repo using git-flow? eg: Mike made a release branch, he published it through “git flow release publish 1.0″ Jane would like to work on that release branch too, how does she pull it from the central repo to continue working with […]

Visual Studio and libgit2 Git Commit Error In Different Solution

While commiting from Visual Studio got my GIT repo, I get the following error below. It’s weird because I have another copy of the project that uses the same repository and that solution commits just fine, same repo and everything. Clues? An error occurred. Detailed message: An error was raised by libgit2. Category = Net […]

What are the use-cases for local branches tracking other local branches?

In Git we can do this: $ git checkout -b testbranch –track master Branch testbranch set up to track local branch master. Switched to a new branch ‘testbranch’ What are the use-cases of such branches?

How do you push code with gitg?

I can do everything else I need but with the GUI I cannot seem to figure out how to pull or push code. Pushing is more important in this case, anyone know how?

Two Git repositories share common code

So I have a project which has the client parts and the server parts. I would like the client and the server code to be in different Git repositories for clear separation of the code, however, they share some of the files and ideally, the shared files will always be identical in both client and […]

Get out of a folder using Git Bash

I am using Git Bash and trying a few things like making a ‘commit’ and ‘push’ in github. I want to get out of the current directory (C:\user\myUsername\app) and land in the “C:\user\myUsername” folder. what commands do I write in Git Bash? I am using git for the first time.

git: How do I overwrite all local changes on merge?

Here’s the situation. I’m working on the master branch. I create file1 and commit. I create file2 and commit. Whoops. I may want to use file2, someday, but it’s definitely not something that should be put in the master branch. So that I don’t lose file2 I use git checkout head~1 git branch new-branch git […]

git gc error: failed to run repack

I’ve just run git gc on my local repository to do some regular clean-up. Today for the first time, it failed. Here’s what I’ve done: (Windows 7) C:\Source\TxTranslation>git gc Counting objects: 880, done. Delta compression using up to 8 threads. Compressing objects: 100% (540/540), done. Writing objects: 100% (880/880), done. Total 880 (delta 504), reused […]

SSH key passphrase with git pull using Fabric

I’m trying to automate deployment of application using fabric. The application code is hosted on GitHub and rolling out a new version is very straightforward – just do ‘git pull’ and that’s it. The application is hosted on 100 servers, so I would like to automate deployment. def deploy(): code_path = ‘/home/myuser/myapp’ with cd(code_path): […]

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