Deleted 2 months work with Git. How to get them back?

I don’t really know what I’ve just done so I’m just going to give a kind of timeline. I was trying to set up a gitHub repository today for the first time. I have a folder where I keep all the files from my site and it had a .git folder. Every so often I […]

altering git commit history but keeping the changes in

How can I alter/delete commit history? I have been working on a project from my home computer, where git config was different than the one at office. I do not want the nicks to mingle. I have already pushed the code to the official repository. In the commit history as of now, I have […]

Check history of the git pulls made on a local repository from a remote branch

Is there a way we can view the history of the pulls that were made on a local repository? We use a shared system and wanted to have a log of the pulls that would have been made by different users. I have searched for this on the net, but no significant luck. Does anyone […]

git: many local changes that I don't want to commit

The problem: I cloned a repository, there are some configuration files to customize the behaviour of the compiled app, I changed some of them (about 10) to suit my needs. Now, every time I commit something, I have to go through line by line in the output of git status (or “unstaged files” in my […]

How can I move the entire git repository somewhere else?

We have bunch of repositories on GitHub and we want to switch entirely to another provider. I’m a Mercurial fan so I’m not really familiar with Git branches and unfortunatelly when cloning a git repository you have to specify a branch otherwise it will clone the master one (if I’m not completely wrong here). To […]

How to merge one current branch into multiple following branches at once?

Edit: Question is NOT merging multiple branches into current branch. Something that was already answered a couple times on Stackoverflow. I’m trying to find the best way to maintain a tutorial for a great but still changing technology (Trailblazer). Following the awesome Trailblazer book, I would like to offer the TRB community the easiest followable […]

Git commit with invalid character on Windows

I got a Git repository that I accidentally pushed a file 4 commits ago that is located in (path relative to the repository root folder): /Core/C:/testoutput/agwqe1s.xml I did this on my Linux machine, so the actual file was created without any problem. The thing is when I go back to my Windows machine, I can’t […]

Git push to Assembla repository from multiple machines

I’m just getting to know git and I really can’t find a documented solution to the following problem. allows only one public SSH key per user. The question is, is there a way to “push” from 2 different PCs? For example, creating a separate private/public key pair and sharing it between the 2 machines […]

If I cherry-pick a commit from a branch and then merge the whole branch later what happens to the git history?

So I’ve got a situation where I only want a particular commit from branchA because other commits in that branch aren’t ready to be merged. So if I cherry-pick commitX from branchA into master, and then later merge branchA into master (with some commits in between let’s say), what happens to commitX as far as […]

How can I review manually resolved conflicts in git (github, some app, InteliJ)

As for me, manually resolved conflicts are one of the biggest sources of bugs. Currently we are resolving conflicts gathering loudly in front of one monitor, which I concider to be the stone age practice. Moreover, after saving and closing the visual diff tool, we can not return to conflict view later, if we want […]

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