Git Copy a folder from master branch to another branch

I have folder name utils I want to copy this folder from master branch to work branch. How do I do that ?

Reverting to a previous commit in Git for visual studio 2012

I am really new to git and source control. I am using visual studio tools for git with vs2012. I am on some commit and want to go back to some previous commit but i cannot seem to do it how. When i go to the commit details the revert button seems to have been […]

git status -> Show files that will be added (staged) in subdirectories

Say I start a git repository in a folder, and I have several subdirectories in it. I have several globbing patterns .gitignore to exclude files in the subdirectories. However, when I do git status before I stage anything, git status only shows the names of the subfolders that will be added, without being specific about […]

How can I delete a remote branch in a local git repository?

All the remote branches are visible as remotes in my local git repository after a git fetch. How to selectively remove the remote branches in my local repository (not in the remote repository)?

How to show git author name in Sublime Text editor?

I’m using GitGutter with Sublime Text editor. With this plug-in Git > This file > blame will open a new tab with annontations. Is there any way to show the Git annotations in the same edit window probably just before the line number

Warning: Permanently added the RSA host key for IP address

When I do Pull from github, I am getting this warning message. MYPC:/Rails$ git pull origin master Warning: Permanently added the RSA host key for IP address ‘#{Some IP address}’ to the list of known hosts. From * branch master -> FETCH_HEAD Already up-to-date. Just want to know which IP address it is adding […]

Different .gitconfig for a given subdirectory?

I use two different git emails, one for work and one for public projects. Initially I thought that I could create a separate .gitconfig with a different email in a folder where all my public repos are in, and that git would respect that, but alas it seems that doesn’t work. What’s the best way […]

Using SASS with Git, what files do I ignore and how?

I’ve got a framework in my /project directory, where I have multiple .sass-cache folders. For example, I could have this /project/-/-/one/.sass-cache And this /project/-/-/two/.sass-cache And this /project/three/.sass-cache And I want to add all of the to .gitignore. I’ve tried this: # Sass # ########### *.sass-cache* But it fails and git still picks up changes in […]

Git – fatal: remote origin already exists

I can not create origin remotely with remote command: $ git remote add origin fatal: remote origin already exists. To solve the error, I have tried this: $ git remote -v origin $ git remote -v show origin It is not uploading the files from my local repository to the remote: $ git push […]

Git: how is a branch I'm not committing to ahead of origin/master

I work 100% with a branch that I made off of the master branch. Now that a colleague has pushed back to origin/master, I tried to push those changes into my personal branch. When I do a ‘git checkout master’ followed by a ‘git status’ I get the following: # Your branch is ahead of […]

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