Using Bundler with Git, is https:// or git:// better?

Using bundler to install a gem from github, there are two obvious choices; https:// or git://. From the default rails template; gem “rails”, :git => “git://” But, when viewing the rails repo on github, the default clone url is the https:// url. Copying and pasting straight from github, I’d end up with; gem “rails”, :git […]

git push gives fatal: unable to update url base from redirection:

I did commit successfully in my local repository. When I try to do: git push…2-retrieve-list-userrecord# 2-retrieve-list-userrecord -v I got this error: Pushing to…2-retrieve-list-userrecord# fatal: unable to update url base from redirection: asked for:…2-retrieve-list-userrecord#/info/refs?service=git-receive-pack redirect:

gitignore new file content not working

I have a .htaccess file in a repo and I cloned the repo in my local system, but now the .htaccess file needs to change. So I added .htaccess to .gitignore file. And when I do git status, it still showing .htaccess file modified and will be pushed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

git rebase after fixing conflict

Sometimes I run into this problem after rebasing and fixing conflict. I did git add . and I would run git rebase –continue. However, I sometimes get this message Applying: xxxxxx No changes – did you forget to use ‘git add’? If there is nothing left to stage, chances are that something else already introduced […]

Git – switching between branches in the middle of work

For various reasons (code review mostly) I need to switch from current development branch to other branches quite often. Currently, I use either ‘git stash‘ to shelve the uncommitted changes, checkout other branch, then switch back and do ‘git stash apply’ However, sometimes I’d have some newly added files there, which are not tracked. Unfortunately, […]

Why do I have to –force my git commits

i have several git repositories set up and everytime i setup a new one and i do the first commit and push, this command fails git push origin master and i get some error about how it failed to push some refs. —-@——— /c/git/repo/—- (master) $ git push origin master ——————————– ——————————– To —————————– ! […]

Git plugin for Zend Studio 9 (eclipse) not Pushing upstream

When I try to push added and committed changes upstream I get a dialog box with a ‘Message Detail field” that indicates: Repository Not Implemented! TODO On the command line I can push to the repo, so I’m pretty sure it’s a Zend/Eclipse issue. Anyone ever see this before and have any idea what’s […]

Who has my short lived feature branch?

My company recently switched to a short lived feature branch workflow – and it’s fantastic. My favorite new trick is that I can now “delete” any bad work I may have pushed accidentally. When I know that I just pushed the branch and no-one else has it, I can use git push origin :branch-name to […]

git update hook: Finding all revs being committed

I’m creating an update hook so that our central git repository can do some simple sanity checks of each file in each commit. However, I don’t know how to make git cough up the names of all of the commits in a “push”. No matter how many commits the client is pushing, the update hook […]

How do I force a re-decryption of my local transcrypt objects?

Transcrypt triggers on a remote git change to pull the latest encrypted version of a file from the origin and decrypt it locally. I flubbed up my local key, so the decryption failed, but the latest git version of the encrypted transcrypt-related files still exist on my local machine. I realized my mistake and fixed […]

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