Sync Google Code and GitHub

I have a Git repository on GitHub that has already been established. Now, I want to mirror that same repository onto Google Code. Either that, or I want Google Code’s Source tab to either disappear or point to GitHub. Since that doesn’t seem possible, how do I sync the two repositories? All the other answers […]

Tracked Ignored and –assume-unchanged how to for Merging

In my Git repo, there is a configuration file that i would like to keep different from the main shared repo(it has to stay tracked) so the changes don’t populate to other developers. The ‘–assume-unchanged’ works well to keep my changes locally while pushing code into other repository, however. The problem becomes, when i need […]

What does -u9999999 in a git diff really mean?

I was wondering how to get git to allways show you the full file in a git diffrather than only showing the hunks. So I first went with the -Woption but I read that this actually tries to be clever and tries to find the function context of the change. I don’t want git to […]

How do I set ssh credentials for libgit2/libssh2?

I am attempting to push references from within pygit2/libgit2: push_refspec = git_repo.lookup_reference(‘HEAD’).resolve().name“Pushing ” + push_refspec) git_remote.push(push_refspec) However, I get an error about missing credentials: _pygit2.GitError: Cannot set up SSH connection without credentials This ultimately comes from libssh2 via a call from libgit2 (transports/ssh.c): if (user && pass) { if (git_cred_userpass_plaintext_new(&t->cred, user, pass) < 0) […]

Different Joomla .gitignore files in different repos

I am trying to use .gitignore file for my Joomla repo. I have noticed that the official joomla .gitignore file is much shorter as compared to the .gitignore provided by Github, which has an exhaustive list. Not sure why they are different. This is joomla’s .gitignore file: This is from github: Was that […]

How to get what changes were made in what files as part of git commit?

Is there a way to get information about what changes were made in which files as part of a commit? I know that there is a way to get details about all commits: git log -p My specific use-case involves getting more details about a bunch of commit ids. I already have the commit ids, […]

How to avoid conflict in GIT

Background: We are using GIT as a PHP deploy system (in addition to SCM features). Once we have a stable source code version, we launch a script that is executed in the production server to synchronize with the latest version. This production server has two branches: master: that’s the latest version of the source code […]

Why can't I push the changes if I've cherry-picked

I’m trying to remove two last commits via rebase/cherry-pick. After invoking git rebase HEAD^^^ -i I’m leaving only necessary commit (leaving everything up to HEAD^^, so I’m dropping HEAD^ and HEAD). After the git push I see the following: ! [rejected] dev -> dev (non-fast-forward) error: failed to push some refs to ‘’ hint: Updates […]

Is it possible to securely delete a repository from Github

I have Github repository that I would like to delete securely (as in sdelete or shred). Is that possible? Is there a way to do this for Git remotes in general?

Error in git book or I misunderstood?

Here you can read: Tracking Branches Checking out a local branch from a remote branch automatically creates what is called a tracking branch. Tracking branches are local branches that have a direct relationship to a remote branch. If you’re on a tracking branch and type git push, Git automatically knows which server and branch to […]

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