Getting a link to a Compiled Binary on Github

How do you include a link to a compiled binary on Github?

Github : Fork with pull requests

I am working on this code : This have many pull request pending. But due to some reason Author is not able to accept. So I decide to Fork project and accept some of the request which can improve code. But when I fork project I don’t get all that Pull request in Forked […]

How to create a gist on command line

I am trying to create a gist from bash, and I have tried many versions scripts I could get, but none are working. This seems like a correct one, but it does not work also. curl -X POST -d ‘{“public”:true,”files”:{“test.txt”:{“content”:”String file contents”}}}’ I have a test.txt file with content I would like to create […]

github generate ssh key on windows

Windows 7 Ultimate , git version 1.8.0.msysgit.0 I’m following these directions to generate an ssh key : $clip < ~/.ssh/ # Copies the contents of the file to your clipboard The ‘<‘ operator is reserved for future use. At line:1 char:7 + clip < <<<< ~/.ssh/ + CategoryInfo : ParserError: (<:OperatorToken) [], ParentContain […]

How can I validate a github branch name as a string parameter in jenkins parametrized job?

How can I do some github branch name validation in jenkins? branch should contain only 26 alphanumeric characters and hyphens branch should NOT begin with www, api or admin One regex for this could be: ^(?!www)(?!admin)(?!api)[a-zA-Z0-9.]{1,26}$ My problem is that I want to do this validation when the job is run. Where should i put […]

Github Desktop: Not able to publish

I have a project which I want to upload to GitHub. I have used Github Desktop to create a local repository and I am able to commit files to it. But once I try to publish it, the publish icon just fades and won’t allow me to do it. I have checked my settings in […]

Committing documentation to a git branch (gh-pages)

I have generated documentation from javadoc in a /docs directory in the working directory of my git project. I would like to make this documentation available at by committing it to the gh-pages branch of my repository (this will make it automatically available at Not sure how to go about it, though. If […]

Does a folder in my user site conflict with a project site?

GitHub Pages allows each user to have one User Site (maybe a home page) and unlimited Project Sites. When you set up your User Site, you must name the repo [username] (where [username] is your GitHub username), and the URL is by default: http://[username] Any changes made to the master branch in your [username] repo […]

Add a list of submodules to the git

I have cloned a project and customized it. the project is using some extra projects as submodules. I have setup mine git repository and push the main project there. but I did not add the submodules to mine git project. I want to pull the submodules to my project. I know using following command I […]

Can I pull a not-yet-merged pull request?

This question already has an answer here: How can I check out a GitHub pull request? 9 answers

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