Reordering of commits

I’m currently working on a branch and want some commits to merge into other branches: a-b-c-d-e-f-g (branchA) / –o-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x (master) \ x-x-x-x-x (branchB) (Letters denote commits, and the “x” are irrelevant commits.) However I noticed that it would be a good idea to pool some commits. I want to “concatenate” commit a, d, e and […]

Is git not case sensitive?

In the first commitment of my partial called _Electronics it was written beginning with a capital letters, then I changed it to _electronics. Git under cygwin ignored the case after commiting the new name, so I changed the name by hand in the target repo. Now it sometimes changes the commited _electronics partial to _Electronics. […]

git log of a single revision

I have a commit c. I want to get the changeset of that exact commit c + metainformation and no other one. Is there a simpler way than git log -p c^..c to do that?

Git submodule new version update

I had forked a MapBox-ios-sdk and make some changes to it. A newer release of the sdk is here and I merged my the changes into my fork. MapBox-ios-sdk also incorporate SMCalloutView which is a submodule within MapBox-ios-sdk. However the version of the official sdk uses a newer, updated SMCalloutView that’s not in my fork. […]

Github Repo Corruption – Sha1 Collision

Yesterday one of my team’s checkins corrupted our github repo. On github, they were showing this error: $ git fsck error: sha1 mismatch 87859f196ec9266badac7b2b03e3397e398cdb18 error: 87859f196ec9266badac7b2b03e3397e398cdb18: object corrupt or missing missing blob 87859f196ec9266badac7b2b03e3397e398cdb18 When I tried to pull onto a different machine, I got this: Hyperion:Convoy-clone saalon$ git fsck warning in tree 5b7ff7b4ac7039c56e04fc91d0bf1ce5f6b80a67: contains zero-padded […]

Force Git submodules to always stay current

I love git submodules. Also, I hate git submodules. What I love about them is how it enables to you to cleanly compartmentalize dependencies etc. I get the point of having them point to a specific commit on a repo, I do. But in my case, I’m building a library that will be used in […]

How can I list all the deleted files in a git repository?

I know git stores information of when files get deleted and I am able to check individual commits to see which files have been removed but is there a command that would generate a list of every deleted file across a repository’s lifespan?

Collapsing a Group of Commits into One on Git

I have the habit of making a huge number of small commits, and I’m fine with it. But I would like to, from time to time, take a bunch of those linear commits and collapse them together as just one commit with the ability to write a new commit message. I’ve looked into the documentation […]

How to speed up / parallelize downloads of git submodules using git clone –recursive?

Cloning git repositories that have a lot submodules takes a really long time. In the following example are ~100 submodules git clone –recursive Git clones them one by one. Takes much longer than required. Let’s make the (probable) assumption that both the client and the server has sufficient resources to answer multiple (parallel) requests […]

Git branch name – case sensitive or insensitive?

I am a new git user and recently been handed with an out of date git repository to look after. This is the original state ( output by git show-branch): ! [cr232] CR 232 Release * [dev] Style Changes ————— * [dev] Style Changes * [dev^] SMS 5.4 * [dev~2] Logo Change * [dev~3] SMS […]

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